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Humboldt Crabs Baseball-A Local Treasure
Member Roger Lorenzetti is a longtime member of the Humboldt Crabs Board of Directors and described the history of the team.
Crabs Board Member Larry Zerlang talked about the condition of the Arcata Ballpark and planned improvements.
Humboldt Crabs players and their manager attended the meeting.
The meeting was called to order at 12:31 by our Acting President Eddie Morgan who noted it was a beautiful day for a golf tournament and that just might be the reason several of our members are not present today.
Michael Davies-Hughes was our Greeter and led the Pledge. The Thought for the Day was offered by Carl Willoughby.  In honor of today’s program featuring the Humboldt Crabs Baseball Team, Carl quoted that great American philosopher Yogi Berra:
“Baseball is 90% mental and the other half is physical!”
Visitors today included four young Crabs players; Andrew Najeeb-Brush right handed pitcher from Chico State, Ryan Sullivan a right-handed pitcher from Fresno State, Tatum McCarthy an infielder also from Fresno State, and Cyle Watkins another right handed pitcher from Abilene Christian University. They were accompanied by Team Manager Robin Guiver from Washington State. Robin played for the Crabs in 1998 and 1999. Also present were David Sharp and Larry Zerlang both of whom serve on the Humboldt Crabs BOD.
There was no Sunshine Report today… no member health issues were reported.
Michael Davies-Hughes showed off the Team Red Dragon T-shirts now on sale for $20 each. They are available in a variety of colors; white, blue, grey, yellow, and pink. Get yours by going to the website to order. All proceeds go to support the Early Literacy Partners Program.
Shelley Nilsen gave us an update on Martinis by the Bay coming up next week. Shelly got an assist from Mike Newman who described the fine cigars that will be available at this event.
Mike also reported on the great success of the Backpacks for Kids Program which will finish for this school year next Thursday. We still need a couple of volunteers next week.
President Eddie reported that two seventh grade students from Zane Middle School took the Top Award at California History Day held in Rocklin, CA last weekend. They will now be traveling to the University of Maryland to represent California at the National History Day Competition. Our club donated $200 to help with their expenses.
Other recognitions and fines were deferred until our next meeting.
First at bat in today’s program was our own club member Roger Lorenzetti. Roger, who has served many years on the Humboldt Crabs Board of Directors, described the 73-year history of this amazing team, a local treasure! Over the years over 60 former Crabs players have made it all the way to the Major Leagues. The team is made up of college players from different NCAA programs throughout the U.S.
Larry Zerlang, another longtime Crabs Board member and advocate for the team and the ballpark, filled us in on the ballpark history, current state and future improvements. Plans call for replacing the current ‘temporary’ bleachers with much better and ADA compliant seating with construction set to begin at the end of this season.
President Eddie closed the meeting by thanking our guests and speakers, offering hope that the Steve Brodhag Golf Tournament be a great success, and urging everyone to go out and make it a great day.