Posted by Don Chin on Oct 27, 2017
Meeting called to order at 12:20pm by President Matt Nilsen
Greeter, Pledge and Invocation/Thought for the day by: Tyrone Champ who expressed thankfulness for the fellowship Rotary provides, especially in light of current catastrophic events.
Visiting Rotarians:  Patrick O’Rourke (Ferndale ); Paul Thielen (Sebastopol)
Sunshine report:  Jerry Colivas was happy to say we did not have anyone in poor health.
Matt then told the group to go out to the Elks statue in front to take a short video about our club with visitor Paul Thielen operating the camera.  Eddie Morgan attempted to mount the Elk statue like he was General Custer, which will probably not make the video’s final cut. Paul said we needed to dance or wave our hands for a minute.  The group complied and tried to look coordinated.
Announcements: Matt reported that the Club has raised over $10,500 so far in District 5130 in fire relief funds.  That amount should be approximately doubled after adding in funds from Ron Harris and Rotary Board approved donations.
Mark McGowan promoted the sale of raffle tickets for Polio Plus and mentioned the Rotary Dinner North on November 19.
Lorna Petersen said Humboldt Sponsors October rummage sale made over $50,000 to benefit local charities including Redwood Teen Challenge.
John Ennis invited members to participate and welcome local Veterans to the Veterans Day Program at the Adorni Center in Eureka on November 11th at 11am.  Our own Eddie Morgan will be the keynote speaker.
Haider Ajina said thank you to Scott Pesch for recently participating in Backpacks for Kids and encouraged more members to sign up to deliver meals to local schoolchildren.
Recognitions: John Vandermolen had a birthday in late August and a recent 44th anniversary and went to Mammoth for hiking and fishing. 
John Ayres celebrated a birthday and mentioned the next Rotary Share group would be going to France in the spring.  Host families can apply to be selected to go.
Lee Smith “celebrated” his October 15 birthday by being warned by a public official of a citation for having a rooster in city limits.  (He bought some baby chicks a few months earlier and one was a male.) Lee avoided the citation by having fresh chicken dinner.
Jack Alderson jokingly said he couldn’t remember his birthday from 10 days ago, other than it was relaxing.
Don Chin said he got a new TV at Costco for his birthday and ate with family at the Sea Grill.  He tapped out but was disappointed not to get the Jail hygiene kit that Past President Melinda Ciarabellini offered during her tenure.
Raffle: won by Bill Gillespie.  Bill was asked to guess what current Rotarian worked as a Pharmacy Technician in High School.  Bill guessed Carl Willoughby, but the correct answer was Melinda Ciarabellini.
Title SB1, The Road and Accountability Act of 2017  Speaker Richard Mullen, Caltrans  Introduced by Rachael Simon
Mr. Mullen, employed by Caltrans since 2001, and formerly of Walter B. Sweet Engineering, was just promoted to be the Deputy District 1 Director of Program Property Management.  He gave a summary of what Senate Bill SB1 would do both locally and statewide.  The Bill, approved in April, raises gas 12 cents a gallon effective November 1, 2017. 
It will increase the state’s fund to $5.4 billion for road improvements, and Caltrans will need to hire an estimated 400 engineers statewide (12-15 locally) in this calendar year.  Their plan is to have a “fix-it first” approach to deliver and complete already approved projects but at an accelerated pace.  This would include maintenance projects involving paving, striping, road signs, signal signs, sensors, etc.
Areas of focus in most districts include: Culverts, bridges, roadways, paving conditions, and transportation management systems; the goal being to put most of their attention on these projects to get them up to a certain standard in the next 10 years.
Some of the local areas slated for improvements include the Eureka-Arcata corridor of Hwy 101 at the Bracut Lumber and Mid-City Motor World intersections, Slough Bridges, a Wabash / Fairfield intersection safety project, 4th Street safety project converting from 2 to 3 lanes with an increased bike lane and signal light; Sidewalk and curb improvement project from 14th to 4th & 5th Streets.