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Successful Events Recapped and Exchange Student Talks Netherlands
PP John Ennis expertly filled in for President Roland.
Former member Scott Pesch pictured with President-Elect Matt Nilsen
It was good to see Rory Hansen.
Visiting Rotarian Rina Brodhag came to celebrate the success of the golf tournament.
New member Mark Hayden, General Manager at Baywood, was welcomed by club members.
Mark McGowan talked about the success of the golf tournament.
Rachael and Shelley talked about the successful Martinis by the Bay the previous evening.
John Vandermolen thanked those that worked the Tour of the Unknown Coast aid station.
Outbound Exchange Student Makayla talked about her upcoming exchange in the Netherlands.
The meeting was called to order by our illustrious Past President, John Ennis who was filling in for the long, lost president Roland.
The pledge was led by Ken Singleton, the invocation was given by Ken Singleton, and Ken Singleton was our greeter proving that it’s all Ken, all the time!
We had a number of visitors today including fellow Rotarian Rina Brodhag, former member Scott Pesch, Laura Chin, also attending were youth exchange students Anni and Makayla.
Today a new member was inducted into the Rotary Club of SW Eureka. Mark Hayden was inducted by Past President John Goff. Today, Mark was the most important Rotarian in the world!
Mike Dominick and Mark McGowan gave a report on the very successful first annual Steve Brodhag Golf Tournament. Mike thanked the members of the planning committee – especially Mark and Liz Ennis. He also thanked club members who sponsored some of the holes including Kristin Blair/Coast Central, Greg Dale, Redwood Capitol Bank, Rina Brodhag, Haider Ajina for purchasing caps, and Mark Dias for sponsoring the hole in one.  There were 100 golfers in attendance. Net proceeds are estimated to be approximately $11,300.00, of which, one half will go to polio plus and a quarter each to Hospice of Humboldt and North Coast Stand Down. When asked if they would hold this event next year, the answer was a resounding “yes”.
Winners of the raffle were Greg Hufford who won the 60” tv; Greg Pierson, round for 3 with golf pro at Baywood; Matt Brodhag, $200.00 gift certificate at the Baywood Pro Shop; Thomas Chavez, 10 dozen oysters from Coast Seafood.
Kristin Blair thanked those who helped with the Rotaract Beach cleanup – Mary Lay, Greg Hufford, Greg Dale and Tyron Champ.  She also stated that she is going to need some help working with Rotaract students in the upcoming year. If there are any members interested in volunteering, contact Kristin.
The other very successful event organized by our dynamic SW Rotary Club members was the Martinis by the Bay. By all counts it appears to have been a huge success with over 200 attendees. Rachael Simon and Shelley Nilsen gave a report and thanked those who helped make the event so successful including Don Chin, Meghann Broadstock, Justin McCray and Lee Smith for providing the lovely background music for the event.
John Vandermolen thanked all those who worked the Tour of the Unknown Coast.
John is asking for volunteers to help installing two 7 foot sections of split rail fence, and a kiosk structure with signage at the foot of “P” Street (South of 9th Street). This location is one of the entrances to the City of Eureka, Cooper Gulch trail system. (Directions to site: Right on P Street from 5th Street, cross 6, 7, 8, & 9th to the dead end of P Street). Date: 06/17/2017 (Sat.) Time: 9:30am - 1:30pm. He needs about 8 volunteers.
Up-coming President Matt Nilsen announced that there will be two Fireside Meetings in the coming weeks; the first will be Wednesday, June 14th at SHN in Eureka at 5:30.  The second will be at Haider Ajina’s home in McKinleyville on Thursday, June 15th at 5:30 pm.  He is looking forward to hearing what club members have to say.
Our speaker today was Makayla Howard who is our youth exchange outbound student headed for the Netherlands in just a few weeks. She is already in contact with her first host family and told us about them. She presented a slide show of where she will be living and going to school and gave us a brief summary of who she is and what she likes to do  We wish her well in her travels and will look forward to hearing about her experience when she returns home next year.
The meeting was adjourned with the following thoughts by Past President Ennis: I am nobody, nobody is perfect, therefore, I am perfect!