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Local Audiologist Speaks About Hearing Loss
Michael Davies-Hughes led us in the Pledge and Invocation.
John Goff reports on his son's leg injury during the Sunshine Report.
Seren Davies-Hughes will be a short term outbound exchange student this summer.
Logan and Connor Petrusha will also do a summer exchange.
Ken thanks those members who helped with the delicious Crab Feed.
Sheriff Billy Honsal was sitting at the "doctors table".
Rachael and Shelley announce the first Martini's planning meeting on March 14th.
Greg Hufford tapped out for his birthday and a long absence from Rotary!
Lorna Peterson was fined in honor of her anniversary.
Carl Willoughby introduces our speaker, Dr. William Speer.
President Matt and Dr. Speer following a very interesting program.
BY:       Kanwaljit Singh Sachdev
Club’s Foreign Correspondent
He is now a short timer. Commander in Chief Matt rang the bell and called his 30th meeting of the club’s 49th year of “Making A Difference” to order.
Greeter-Pledge of Allegiance-Thought of the Day
Not only did Michael Davies-Hughes brilliantly led the pledge but he also reenacted the famous doctor scene from the movie “Spies Like Us” and showed us the proper way of greeting “doctors”. Michael does have an uncanny resemblance to actor Dan Aykroyd. Michael you are hereby nominated for an “Oscar” worthy performance by a Rotarian a meeting. His thought of the day was also noteworthy.
Meghan Broadstock introduced her guest Kylie Chase of Redwood Capital Bank.  On behalf of the club Mark McGowan hosted Seren Davies-Hughes (daughter of our club member and Oscar nominee Michael), Logan and Connor Petrusha (children of Old Town Rotary club member Chuck Petrusha) our club’s three short term out-bound exchange students.
Sheriff William “Billy” Honsal briefly impersonated a doctor. He came close to that task in introducing Dr. William “Bill” Speer of Humboldt Audiology but his uniform and the weapon around his belt did not rocket him to Hollywood. Michael Davies-Hughes chimed, showed the proper way to introduce a doctor and Hence his “Oscar” worthy performance. Thank you doctor!!!!!
Sunshine Report
Marie Liscom provided with a good news that our former member and our past president (1999-2000) John Moore is doing well with his cancer ordeal and he thanked the club for the “get well” card and especially for our thoughts and prayers.
John Goff let the club know that his son Josh is finally home in Bend Oregon after two weeks of stay in the hospital and undergoing three surgeries for his broken left leg. His wife Louise is still in Oregon. His son is glad to be home with his wife and young daughter. His spirits are up but he has a long rehabilitation ahead.
The annual crab feed event was well attended. Ken Singleton thanked John Ennis, Mark Dias, Roland Johnson, Les Merrill, and Bill Gillespie for their help in cooking the crab. He thanked everybody that bussed their tables. It helped clean-up committee tremendously. Thank you Ravi Singleton, Gail Dias, Donna Ayres, Roland Johnson, Mark Dias, John Ayres, Les Merrill and Bill Gillespie with the clean-up. Haider Ajina was thanked for his effort in making sure that the event was carried out a proper Rotary way. Eddie Morgan has asked Ken to organize our longest running social event next year. As always your feedback is always welcome to make the event better.
Cindy Denbo invited members to sign-up for the special sit-down prime rib luncheon and celebrate club’s 49th birthday on March 16, 2018. The cost is $30.00 person. Spouses and guests are always welcome. If any members have old pictures or newspaper clippings please kindly pass it on to Cindy.
Shelly Nilsen invited club member to attend the first “Martinis By The Bay” committee meeting on March 14th @5:30pm at her house. As always there will be refreshments.
Rachel Simon wants us all to make plans now and mark on social calendar to attend our famous and signature event “Martinis By The Bay” on Thursday, June 7, 2018. Bring your spouses, significant others and friends to this mega event. The money raised by this event will benefit “Race Across America” (RAAM) It is the world’s toughest bicycle raise. Our own fellow Rotarian Michael Davies-Hughes is riding to raise the money. In addition to money from “Martinis By the Bay” event the club is going to match up to $1000.00 in money raised from club members to support Michael's efforts directly. More details and presentation by Michael to follow during the future meetings. Please help support Michael for his “Herculean” endeavor.
Lee Smith announced that the “Eureka Symphony” will be performing at the Arkley Center tonight and Saturday, night March 3 and urged members to attend and enjoy the performance of local flutist Paula Thomas.
Haider Ajina informed that the club is coordinating the phase III of “Backpack for Kids” and he is looking for members to volunteer their services.
Carl Willoughby is looking for “Greeters” and “Bulletin” writers for our weekly meeting. It is an excellent opportunity to better know your fellow Rotarians.
President Matt congratulated the club members for contributing the money toward “Polio Plus”. The district raised more than $200,000.00, surpassing the goal by almost $10,000.00. Our club alone raised over $21,000.00.
Our young 37 years old birthday lad Greg Hufford discovered the consequences of not coming to the meetings. Mr. Hufford was fluttered and uttered few excuses but ultimately offered to tap out.
President Matt recognized “Sheriff”, Dr. for the day Billy Honsal for his recent birthday on February 17th. I believe Sheriff Honsal can call himself a “doctor”. After all he is also the County Coroner a duty normally performed by a medical professional. For his birthday Sheriff Honsal took his family to Mt. Bachelor skiing minus snowboarding. President Matt did his best to extort $200.00 from Dr. Honsal with a matching fund of $100.00 toward his “Paul Harris”. When the shakedown did not work President Matt slapped Sheriff Honsal with a $50.00 Rotary citation.
It is only cost Lorna Peterson only $30.00 for her thirteen years of wedding bliss. She promised to pay a lot more in the near future because many more good things are coming her way. Lorna talked about her cross country trip that she took when she was sixteen years old for winning the Masonic Lodge public speaking contest.
Mike Newman was the lucky raffle winner but could not pocket the money. He did not know his fellow Rotarians that well. He should not feel bad because nobody in attendance knew that Bill Morrill was a touring member of “blues band”. As a lucky winner, Mike Newman gets to sell the raffle tickets at our next winning.
Carl Willoughby introduced Dr. William Speer a local audiologist. An audiologist is a health-care professional specializing in identifying, diagnosing, treating and monitoring disorders of the auditory and vestibular system portions of the ear. Carl personally suffers from hearing loss and was thankful for having been treated by Dr. Speer. Carl felt that without the help of his treatment he would have lost his job.
Dr. Speer gave the statistics of hearing loss.
 Hearing loss can affect anyone at any age and the statistics according to the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders are astonishing:
In the U.S., 15 percent of adults over the age of 18, or 37.5 million people, report having trouble hearing.
Of adults aged 65-74, 25 percent have a disabling hearing loss, and 50 percent of adults over the age of 75 have a disabling hearing loss.
Of babies born in the U.S., 2-3 of every 1,000 have a detectable hearing loss in at least one ear.
Of adults aged 20-69 who could benefit from wearing hearing aids, only 16 percent have tried them.
The average delay between the time someone is affected by hearing loss and when they finally seek treatment is a long 7 years.
Untreated hearing loss is associated with lower quality of life, depression, social isolationunemployment and lower earnings at workhigher medical bills for other health issues, high blood pressure and even a higher risk of dangerous trips and falls. Hearing loss can have far-reaching implications for you and those close to you.
The symptoms of hearing loss can vary depending on the type of hearing loss, the cause of hearing loss, and the degree of loss.
In general, people who have hearing loss may experience any or all of the following:
  • Difficulty understanding everyday conversation
  • A feeling of being able to hear but not understand
  • Having to turn up the TV or radio
  • Asking others to repeat often
  • Avoidance of social situations that were once enjoyable
  • Increased difficulty communicating in noisy situations like restaurants, lively family gatherings, in the car or in group meetings
  • Tinnitus, or ringing and/or buzzing sounds in the ears
He urged people to seek treatment ASAP. It was a very informative presentation and as always he was presented with our coveted Rotary mug for his presentation.
For your enjoyment here is the link how to address a doctor and most of all appreciate the performance of Michael Davies-Hughes.