Russell Hampton
Sheriff's Bomb Squad Detonates Explosives
Proceeds from last years Cirque were presented for "Shop with a Cop".
Bill Gillespie seeking bell ringers and looking stress free.
Past President Roland announcing that elections are coming up.
Greg Dale won a basket at the Foundation Dinner and was fined for taking delivery.
Greg not only bought two hats and paid a fine, he also donated his basket to Shop with a Cop.
Larry Goldberg was fined for the flyers distributed by a subcontractor on Veteran's Day.
Dan Brown got fined for his "new" job at Fernbridge Tractor, which he's had for about 8 months.
Patti Needham was fined for her anniversary and got a "thank you" for preparing the club's tax returns.
Rick Roberts won the drawing but blew it on guessing which member was a Dairy Princess contestant.
Sheriff Billy Honsal introduced the day's program, put on by the bomb squad.
A Deputy explains what will be detonated.
A look at the robot that can be sent to do the job.
A deputy setting up a detonation demonstration!
A memorial at the place setting where our dear departed member Jerry Colivas usually sat. May he Rest in Peace.
BY:      Kanwaljit Singh Sachdev
Club’s Foreign Correspondent
Our ever-dynamic President Matt Nilsen with his supreme authority gently rang the bell and called the 19th meeting of the year to order. It is our 49th year of “Making a Difference”.
Greeter, Pledge and Thought of the day tasks were dutifully performed by Ken Singleton. Ken accomplished his intentions of bringing a smile to our members’ faces with his brief “thought of the day” presentation.
Our lone visiting Rotarian Mark Murgia from Eureka Rotary Club was greeted with a nice round of applause. He went on to introduce his guest who is shopping for a local Rotary Club to join.
Exchange students Angelica from Italy and Fabio from Bolivia were introduced by an ardent Beatles fan and the Past President of the 2007-2008 year, Mary Crumley.
President Matt introduced Cpt. Stevens and Brittany Powell of Eureka Police Department.
Sheriff Billy Honsal introduced his ‘bomb squad crew’ who were going to be the program for the day.
Sunshine Report: There was no sunshine report today but a somber sunset report. Jerry Colivas our resident and perennial sunshine reporter was not at the meeting. His chair was empty. With great sorrow and sadness President Matt announced that our long-time member and Past President from the 1974-1975 year, Jerry Colivas passed away on Thursday. It was Matt’s dad who sponsored Jerry into our club in 1969. He was 92 years old. We will miss him dearly and may he rest in peace.
President Matt thanked Eddie Morgan, Mark McGowan and Ken Singleton for attending the district “Foundation and Membership” Seminar with him. He also thanked the members that attended the Foundation Dinner. Our club was well represented.
Marty Lay was selling newly arrived SW Rotary Club caps for $10.00 each.
Haider Ajina and Bill Gillespie were looking for members/volunteers to help with ‘Backpack for Kids” and bell ringing duties for Salvation Army, respectively. “Service Above Self” was put to the test and the club members quickly signed up for the open slots.
Bill also made a personal announcement that he has resigned from his position as the “Fire Chief” of the Humboldt Bay District. The department is in good hands and he is enjoying his stress-free time.
Immediate Past President Roland Johnson announced that the club’s election will held on Friday, December 15 and called upon all the past presidents to immediately convene for a short meeting to discuss and plan for the upcoming election. Since these positions are highly contested, campaigning is strictly regulated and only allowed between 12:00 noon and 12:20 during the meeting. Good luck ladies and gentlemen. Please do not forget to buy drinks after meeting if you are a winner.
Cirque de Soulless:  President Matt called upon Captain Stevens and Brittany Powell and presented them with a $2,500.00 check. The money was raised from our Cirque de Soulless fundraiser held on Saturday, October 29, 2016 for the “Shop with a Cop” project.  Cpt. Stevens thanked the club because this money will go a long way. It is going to help brighten the Christmas holidays of some 40 kids 10 years and under of the “Boys and Girls Club”. He informed us that partnering with Target and the additional discounts they give stretches the dollar amount raised even farther. Each child will get to spend more than $100.00. He thanked the club for our generosity and fund-raising efforts. He invited club members to come to the Sequoia Conference Center on December 17 for breakfast and to accompany a child for “Shop with a Cop” to Target after that.
The king of our local aquaculture and Past President of 2006-2007 year did not attend the ‘Foundation Dinner’ but he did win a gift basket. In lieu of holding charges for the basket President Matt asked Greg for buy two additional Rotary caps. Greg not only bought the two caps but threw another $20 into the club’s treasury for his good fortune. He did not stop there with his generosity. He was feeling so elated that he donated the basket that he had won to the “Shop with a Cop” committee to be put to use for their other charitable events. Way to go Greg and we hope you find a big pearl in one of your millions harvested oysters.
Larry Goldberg paid a $50 clean-up fee for some the flyers of “Six Rivers Solar” that littered the Adorni Center parking lot on Veteran’s day. Larry was gracious enough to take the responsibility even though it was the doing of his sub-contractors without his approval.
Dan Brown has a new job. His commute is less than three minutes. He works for Fernbridge Tractor and Equipment Company as a parts manager now. President Matt was impressed by Dan’s attire, especially the shirt with the company logo. However, that did not stop President Matt the tyrant from clawing $30.00 out of Dan’s pocket
But then President Matt showed his softer side. He was almost apologetic for recognizing Patti Needham for only $20.00 for her anniversary that was on November 26. He could have done better. She probably saved a bundle on her ‘black Friday’ shopping spree when everything was more than 50% off. He thanked Patti Needham for filing club’s tax returns. Thank you, Patti for Service Above Self.
He did not want to win. Past President Rick Roberts the ‘prince of café aulait’ drew the winning ticket and failed to answer that Shelly Nilsen was once a ‘Dairy Princess contestant’. What do you expect when one is high as kite upon consuming his own roasted demitasses? Sorry Rick. Will you need help selling raffle tickets next week?
Sheriff Billy Honsal introduced his department’s bomb squad. We all witnessed their demonstration in combating and searching different bomb devices. They also demonstrated as to how a tiny pipe bomb can create a large explosion. Explosive devices can be contained in almost anything. Bombs can be constructed to look like almost any item and can be delivered by any number of ways. Most bombs are homemade and are limited in their design only by the imagination of their maker. It was an excellent program.