Russell Hampton
National Awards Services Inc.
Former Member Presents Program on Local Blood Bank
Troy Vizenor received a gift for his Presidential duties last meeting.
Don Chinn received his blue badge after a craft talk and a $10 fee.
Scott Pesch upgraded his badge in record time and paid for the honor!
Bill Gillespie announced that we'll be ringing bells for the Salvation Army at Pierson's again this year.
Fabio and Angie said their Eureka High experience has been good.
Fabio sold his EHS Booster Club ticket to Nick Bertell.
Haider Ajina is coordinating Backpacks for Kids volunteers and asks that we sign up.
Carl Willoughby recently celebrated his 46th wedding anniversary and was fined $50!
Meghann Broadstock celebrated her 4th anniversary and was fined $20.
Billy Honsal was fined for his 22nd anniverary and it cost him $25. 
Not sure what Rick Roberts was up to...
John Gullam paid us a visit and update on what's happening at the NCCBB.
The meeting of the Rotary Club of Southwest Eureka was called to order at 12:25 by President Matt Nilsen.  It is a rare occasion that we have our own President at our meetings, and everyone felt honored to have him in our presence today.
Mike Newman served as greeter, pledge leader, and invocation giver all in one.  We had our exchange students, Angie & Fabio in attendance, who let us know that their school experience has been “good”.  We also John Gullam from the Arcata Sunrise Club visiting, and also serving as our speaker, and Lori Breyer from Arcata Sunrise, who is our assistant district governor.
Jerry Colivas brought us our Sunshine Report and let us know that his wife Evvy is feeling much better.  Great news!
President Matt honored Troy Vizenor with a special glass from Idaho as a thank you for serving as President in Matt’s absence two weeks ago.  What wasn’t mentioned is that not only did Troy fill in as President, but he was also acting secretary and treasurer for the day.  Above and beyond Troy, above and beyond!
The club was treated to a craft talk by Don Chinn, and we learned about his upbringing watching his parents own numerous restaurants, his graduation from Eureka High School in 1981 and his graduation from HSU in 1986 with a journalism degree.  After college Don found a passion in comic books, and started creating and publishing his own works.  Altogether, he has published 300 issues, and one of his issues sold half a million copies.  Don also managed American Idol star William Hung’s website for numerous years.  Don’s current career is in real estate, a career path that his wife Laura encouraged him to pursue in 1998.  By 2004 Don become a broker, and has been enjoying his career path ever since.  Don & Laura share 1 daughter and 2 grandkids.  At the end of Don’s craft talk, he was eligible for his blue badge, but President Matt made him pay $10.00 to receive it.
Speaking of blue badges, Scott Pesch established a new rotary record and received his blue badge within weeks of being inducted into the club.  He paid $10.00 to receive it, and the club spent some time heckling the clubs remaining red badgers, Sheriff Billy Honsal and Nick Bertell.  Red badgers for life?
Larry Goldberg paid $10.00 to promote an emergency preparedness training that is coming up, and Bill Gillespie gave us the details on our volunteer commitment for bell ringing during the holiday season.  Our club has chosen the Pierson’s bell ringing location – please sign up to help!
It was announced that our club may be taking on a hands-on project at Highland Park.  There has been recent vandalism to the park, and clean up and repairs are needed.  Stay tuned for more information on this volunteer opportunity. 
Our exchange student Fabio came to our meeting with a single EHS Booster Club dinner ticket, which red badger for lifer Nick Bertell bought on the spot.  Thanks Nick!
Haider made an announcement on Backpacks for Kids, please respond to the email sign up that is making the rounds!  Haider also paid $25.00 to promote an upcoming fundraiser for the Elks.
Carl Willoughby was fined $50.00 for his recent 46th anniversary.  Meghan Broadstock recently celebrated a 4th anniversary and was fined $20.00.  It must be anniversary season, because Billy Honsal recently celebrated his 22nd anniversary and was fined $25.00. 
Our raffle was won by John Goff, and unfortunately, he answered the question wrong, the right answer was Bob Burchit.   Better luck next time!
President Matt introduced our program speaker for the day, visiting Rotarian John Gullam with the Northern California Community Blood Bank.  John emphasized that the goal is to remain a local organization that serves local patients and that maintains relationships with the local blood donors.  John explained that the Blood Bank has a new machine that can automate which blood components they want to keep while you are donating, this is useful due to the increased need of platelets.  The largest area of need is Type O- blood, as it can be given as donation to any blood type, but unfortunately only 6% of the population have this blood type.  We also learned about the screening process to be eligible to donate, as well as the testing the blood goes through after donation.  John also discussed how efficiently the blood centers communicate during an emergency situation to share blood, and how well that communication worked during the recent tragedy in Las Vegas.
President Matt rang the bell and dismissed us to enjoy the weekend!